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'''NIDA (National Internet Development Agency of Korea)''' is a non-profit statutory organization under the Ministry of Information and Communication in South Korea and serves as the registry for the [[.kr ]] [[ccTLD]]. NIDA was created on July 30,2004 when the Korean government enacted Article 9 of the Internet Address Resources Act .<ref>[ NIDA]</ref>
In 2009, NIDA was integrated with Korea IT International Cooperation Agency ([[KIICA]]) and Korea Internet Security Agency ([[KISA]]).
Based on the .kr ccTLD Model and Operation prepared by Kim Jaeyoun on September 26, 2005, NIDA's role include:
==NIDA and ICANN==
In 2008, NIDA expressed its position to ICANN regarding the implementation of IDN TLDs. According to the organiztion, the implementation of IDN TLDs will serve as a turning point in the history of internet and it is important to ensure the stability of the internet therefore localization should not be overlooked and the community language should be considered one of pre-requisites in the application for IDN TLD.NIDA also suggested that ICANN should provide additional application criteria for IDN TLDs instead of trying to resolve the issue by proposed process such as comparative evaluation and auction.<ref>[]</ref>
# Be legally established and geographically located in Korea and ensure that its administrative contact for .kr resides in Korea and s representative of NIDA
Furthermore,Park also expressed the organization's willingness to contribute $30,000 per year on a voluntarily to support ICANN's cost of operations relevant to the ccTLD.

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