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Core Competence

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The company offers a wide range of network related services via complementing cooperative business partners. The company maintains a virtual platform through which it offers additional support by the staff. Some of the partners of the Core Competence include:<ref>[ Core Competence]</ref>
'''[[Farpoint Group]]''' – With this company, Core Competence offers conference content and wireless test services.
'''[[Opus]]''' – In collaboration with Opus, the company arranges for [[VPN ]] (Virtual Private Network) workshops.
'''[[Mactivity Inc.]]''' – Core Competence arranges for TISC or Internet Security Conference in partnership with this company.
'''[[Security Curve]]''' – Core Competence holds Security workshops in conjunction with Security Curve.
'''[[David Strom Inc.]]''' – The product evaluations of the company are done by assistance from David Strom.
'''[[TRA]]''' – The company offers IP Network Security corporate live-on-web as well as on-site raining via Telecommunications Research Associates.
'''[[Webtorials]]''' – Webtorials publishes the Technical white papers and articles of Core Competence.

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