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Tatum LLC

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Mr. [[Mike McCracken]], Co-Founder<br/>
Tatum LLC helps companies improve business performance to create more value. Using a unique blend of interim executive services, consultative project leadership and search, Tatum assists with situations like improving performance, scaling for growth, managing strategic IT initiatives, M&A and seeking funding.<ref>[ About Tatum LLC]</ref>
Tatum LLC was founded in 1993 by Douglass Tatum and Mike McCracken. It is headquartered in Atlanta.
Tatum was aquired by Spherion on 1/2/2010 for about $45 million.<ref>[]</ref><ref>[]</ref>
Tatum has 37 offices across the US and has around 1000 partners.
* Performance improvement
* Financial planning, analysis
* Financial Technology
* ERP Selection
* ERP Rescue
* Technology Assessment
* Liquidity, Capital raise, Acquisitions

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