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Julien Naillet

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career history
|portrait country= JulienNailletPortrait.JPGFrance|caricature stakeholdergroup= JulienNailletCaricature.jpgPrivate Sector - Domain Name Industry|country = France|email affiliation= ccNSO|website = []|blog = |twitter = julien_naillet|born portrait=JulienNailletPortrait.JPG|facebook caricature= |linkedin = [ Julien Naillet]jpg
[[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] '''Julien Naillet''' is used to be the Head of Communication & Partnerships and Registrars Marketing Liaison Manager Director at the non-profit organization [[AFNIC]], where he promoted the French ccTLDs and gTLDs.<ref>[]</ref>
He actively participates participated in [[CENTR ]] Meetings and Workshops, as long as the ICANN events.<ref>[]</ref><ref>[]</ref><ref>[]</ref>
Mr. Naillet is interested in: new [[gTLD]]s and the new legal frameworks that they will require with governments, [[DNSSEC]], and [[IPv6]] translation.<ref>[[ICANN 41]] Interview</ref>
== Career History ==
From 2008-20092016 to 2018, he Mr. Naillet was the ECommunication & Digital Marketing Director and also Cofounder of an e-partners Sales Manager at BNP Paribas Personal Financemerchant platform for the King Croq company. Prior  Prior to which, he worked as an the Head of European Online Advertisement & Partnerships Manager at Meetic SA.<ref>[]</ref> He has also been an Online a Digital marketing & Communication consultant at Pulp citron for one year. Before which he worked as an Art director at Micropole Universe for two three years, producing Graphic recommendations and usability guidelines. In 1999, Mr. Naillet joined West Valley as a Web Designer working part time during his studies.<ref>[]</ref>
== Education ==
He holds a Bac+5 in Communication from Sciences Po Paris and a Bac+2 in Multimedia production from Ecole Multimédia.<ref>[]</ref>
== External Links ==
[ Métiers du web : Julien Naillet]
[ About Afnic : Julien Naillet]
== References ==

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