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'''.org''' is one of the first generic top-level domains ([[gTLD]]) in the Internet Domain Name System ([[DNs]. It is managed by the Public Interest Registry ([[PIR]]) introduced , a non-profit organization founded by the Internet Society ([[ISOC]]) in 2002.<ref>[]</ref was created by the Network Working Group led by [[Jon Postel]] and [[Joyce Reynolds]] along with [[.com]], [[.edu]], [[.gov]] and [[.mil]] in 19851984 as an open and unrestricted top-level domain name.<ref>[ RFC 920]</ref> The Originally, the operations of the .org is registry was managed by the Public Interest Registry SRI International's Network Information Center ([[PIRSRI-NIC]])since its creation until 1992. In 1993, Network Solutions, Inc. ([[NSI]]) assumed the registration services of the .org under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation ([[NSF]]) until 1998. <ref>[ NSI-NSF Cooperative Agreement]</ref> However, in 1998, the Department of Commerce issued the [[White Paper]] in response to the instruction of Pres. [[Bill Clinton]] to form a new non-profit organization founded by to take over the responsibilities in improving the technical management of the Internet Society (Domain Name System, <ref>[[ISOC White Paper]]) in 2002</ref> as a result, Network Solutions contract to manage the registration services of the .org was extended by the Department of Commerce until September 30, 2000.<ref>[ Special Award Conditions NCR-9218742 Amendment No. 11]</ref> In 1999, Network Solutions entered an agreement with ICANN to remain as the registry operator of the .orgTLD until 2003.<ref>[http://about ICANN-NSI Agreement]</ref>  

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