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[[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] The '''OSCOperations Steering Committee''' is the abbreviation for ('''Operations Steering CommitteeOSC''', which ) was established to coordinate, recommend, and review changes regarding the operational activities of the Generic Names Support Organization ([[GNSO]]) and its constituencies.<ref>[ OSC Home]</ref>
== Goals ==
The main goal of the OSC is to provide all the necessary recommendations that will to help in implementing operational changes comprised in the Board Governance Committee Working Group (or [[BGC]] WG ) Reporton GNSO Improvements.<ref name="link2">[]</ref> == Responsibilities ==
The OSC is responsible for assessing as well as reviewing the efficiency of the recommendations that have been implemented. It is also assigned with the task of providing the necessary further operational enhancements as and when they are required. The OSC is may also be assigned with other responsibilities from the GNSO Council. For instance, the GNSO Council may ask the OSC such as to examine the process of enhancing the constituency support in the future as well as can ask OSC , or to identify the new training processfor constituency members. The GNSO Council can also ask the OSC to align the Council’s work in accordance with the strategic plan of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ([[ICANN]]) on a regular basis.<ref name="link2">[]</ref>
== Membership ==
The OSC comprises of a GNSO Council Chair or Vice Chair, one representative from every constituency who can even be a non council member , and one member from the Nominating Committee or [[NomCom]] appointee to the GNSO. The OSC also contains some other Other participants, which mostly may include the GNSO Secretariat, one ICANN policy staff representative, optional liaisons or appointed representatives from the [[GAC]] and the [[ALAC]] , and OSC Work Team Chairs.
== Working method ==
The Operation Operations Steering Committee established three working teams to work on the three operational areas. The main reason behind establishing these teams was to reduce the volume of work which could arise out of the wide range of topic areas of covered in the recommendations. They were also formed to , as well as make sure that there is successful the implementation of the any reported recommendations of the report as well as they get the necessary expertise that is requiredsuccessful.<ref name="link2">[]</ref> == Work Teams ==These teams are:
As mentioned earlier, the Operations Steering Committee established three separate teams. These teams were the * [[GNSO Operations Work Team]], GNSO Stakeholder Group and Constituency Operations Work Team and the Communications and Coordination Work Team to look after the three operational areas on which the BGC WG provides recommendations for the sake of GNSO Improvements. These Work Teams are assigned with various responsibilities in each of the operational area. For instance, the GNSO Operations Work Team is charged with determining steps to establish the Council’s role as a strategic manager of the policy process whereas the * [[GNSO Stakeholder Group and Constituency Operations Work Team ]], which is assigned with the job of developing proposal proposals that would help implement the recommendations based on for improving the stakeholder and constituency group operations. The * [[Communications and Coordination Work Team ]], which is assigned with the task of developing a proposal proposals to enhance the communication as well as and coordination for Council Considerationconsideration. <ref>[]</ref>
== Decision making == The OSC decisions are mostly taken on a full consensus of the members unless and until determined by the OSC members.<ref name="link2">The [[ gnso.icann.orgICANN]]</ref> == OSC and ICANN == The staff of ICANN tasked with the OSC and its work teams provides all the necessary may provide support in the working of the committee and its work teams as it is directed by the Chair. The ICANN staff provides all sorts form of support which may include document drafting, editing and disseminating the documents , and meeting support, among others. <ref name="link2">[]</ref>
== References ==
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