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Darshaun Nadeau

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'''Darshaun Nadeau ''' is the CEO and the President at WIXI Inc.<ref>[]</ref> He is also the founder and former CEO of Solis<ref>[ Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo] </ref> and the Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo. <ref>[]</ref>
Darshaun founded [[Solis ]] in 2001 and it was acquired by a publicly traded Japanese corporation, [[GMO Registry|GMO Internet, Inc. ]] in July of 2005.<ref>[ Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo]</ref>
Darshaun came to Japan in 1998 to finish his last year of college at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. After finishing in 1999, Darshaun took his first job at an internet Internet based recruiting-advertisement start-up in Tokyo where he worked for 7 months. After leaving the recruiting firm he founded his own job-information portal in 2000 and sold his ownership stake in the late 2000.[<ref>]</ref>
Darshaun has frequently received internet, print and television media coverage. He established contracts for Solis in over 30 countries, at which times he received press release media coverage locally in more than 10 local languages.
Darshaun Nadeau is actively involved in the domain community both internationally with ICANN and domestically in Japan. He also sits on the board of the Domain Name Business Association in Japan and previously held the vice-board position on the Japan Internet Providers Association. He is not only one of the first non-Japanese to be integrally involved in the Japanese domain space, but among the early pioneers of the Japanese domain market in general. His first company was a certified [[JPNIC ]] member in 1999, then was closely involved at the time of the JPNIC/JPRS transition in 2001.
Outside of business, Darshaun is an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer. He sailed his boat across the Pacific Ocean in 2008<ref>[ Sailing across the Pacific ocean]</ref>, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has climbed in the Himalayas. He also has enjoys surfing, kayaking, skiing, cycling and many other sports which have taken him to more that 40 countries in his travels around the world.
Darshaun studied Japanese at San Francisco State University and also completed 1 year Japanese programs at both Tokyo International University and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

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