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The '''Operations Steering Committee''' ('''OSC''') was established to coordinate, recommend, and review changes regarding the operational activities of the Generic Names Support Organization ([[GNSO]]) and its constituencies.<ref>[ OSC Home]</ref>
== Goals ==
The main goal of the OSC is to provide the necessary recommendations to help in implementing operational changes comprised in the Board Governance Committee Working Group (or [[BGC]] WG) Report, which are as follows:on GNSO Improvements.<ref>[]</ref>
The OSC is responsible for assessing as well as reviewing the efficiency of the recommendations that have been implemented. It is also assigned with the task of providing the necessary further operational enhancements as and when they are required. The OSC may also be assigned other responsibilities from the GNSO Council, such as to examine the process of enhancing the constituency support in the future, or to identify the new training process for constituency members. The GNSO Council can also ask the OSC to align the Council’s work in accordance with the strategic plan of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ([[ICANN]]) on a regular basis.<ref>[]</ref>

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