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== Jaap Akkerhuis ==
strangely, I see John Nevett's pic on this page? I think it might be because we used John as the demo data in the people template and Abyss may have copied that and then forgot to modify it ... [[User:Ray|Ray]]
== SAAS Solutions ==
The wording is wrong according to GNSO website "PARTY" singular, not 'PARTIES'.....[[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
pshht. YOU'RE grammatically correct.
not trying to step on toes but I'm changing some things back. Like creating a blank link (as of now) to Constituency, I think there needs to be an article detailing the basic structure of the constituency in relationship to SG and WG, which also have their own pages. [[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
mmm. good point.
==SAAS Solutions==
Hi Caterina,
We have included company templates in the remaining articles from Batch 1. These are [[APRAM]], [[CAIP]], [[CIGREF]], [[DARPA]], [[ECTA]], [[ETNO]], [[EuroISPA]], [[INTA]], [[LACTLD]]. Please check them.
Also one article from first batch [[GPML]] is remaining to be edited. We have tried 2-3 times to edit it but were not able to add any considerable information. We will try once more and will inform you if we find any relevant content.
We suppose, everything from the second batch is done. Only one article is remaining to be checked by you. Please let us know if you need any addition in it.
Thank you. [[User:Saassoln|Saassoln]]
==SAAS Solutions==
Hi Caterina,
Thank you for the payment and assisting us in writing the articles. We are extremely sorry for the delay in completing the articles. Thank you for all your help.
Best Regards,
==ICANN Bodies==
Thanks for the Information. [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Hi Caterina, I just want to let you know that my articles are ready for editing. Thanks [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
No worries, I can wait. Thank you so much for editing and for giving me another batch. Have a great time at the conference. Again, Thanks!!! :)[[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
== Batch 3 ==
Hi Caterina! Andrew told me that you might be checking my batch 3 so I just want to let you know that I am done with it and you can start checking. [[User:Tehreem|Tehreem]]
OK I can wait! Just send me an email when Andrew or you start checking it...
==E-mail Addresses==
Hi Caterina, Thank you for the reminder. [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Thank you very much for editing my articles :) [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Additional info. on [[dotAfrica]] has been added.[[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Bonjour Caterina c'est avec un grand plaisir que j'ai lu le premier message suite à la publication de ma premiére page. Je voudrais savoir si vous avez un intérêt pour le protocole IPV6. Si oui je voudrais bien partager avec vous vos expériences car ici au Sénégal le protocole n'est pas encore trop connu du grand public. Merci infiniment
==New Articles==
Hi Caterina, I don't have a problem with the changes. It's easy to create pages. Just let me know which ones are the most important so I could prioritize writing the articles.[[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Got it. Thanks! [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
You see [ this?] [[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
No problem :)[[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
==Matt Serlin==
Hi Caterina, I am taking [[Matt Serlin]] back on my list because Jonathan Robinson is duplicated, unless you want to provide me with a different topic. Thanks and Happy New Year!!! [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
it seems resellerbazaar is supposed to be all one word lower case...(?) which is kind of frustrating given that we can't force a page to begin with a lowercase letter [[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
cool, i was only looking at their website, and didn't notice a camelcase version.. also, there website is full of typos so it makes sense that they wouldn't be consistent.
failed link, not sure I can dig it up now, but apparently it was interesting. OH! it was that court claiming it had jurisdiction over ICANN, related to a UDRP case. I'll look for it again. [[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
== Batch 6--Ready for Editing ==
Hi Caterina, I just want to inform you that my articles are ready for editing. Thanks! [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
I think it makes sense to leave a TOC in when there is info down the page re: new gTLDs. Really it doesn't get in the way despite aesthetic preferences and it doesn't hurt to highlight our new gTLD content as it is the most timely and relevant. [[User:Andrew|Andrew]]
== Batch 7 Ready for Editing ==
Hi Caterina, I just want to inform you that my articles are ready for editing. Thanks :) [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
== Update on ICANN Articles ==
Hello there, many thanks for your feedback on the articles. I have written up to Article 15 in full at the minute, however i am looking to finish another 5 tonight which are partially complete. If i am honest i am struggling a little with the content as there is only one good source is the ICANN Website which shows the past meetings and agendas. for myself who knows little about ICann it is hard to make out what the topics on the agendas for the meetings are about. Take a look at the articles i have done like article 13 and tell me if you think this is a better article than article 5.
As always your feedback is appreciated.
Kind Regards
== Batch 8 Complete ==
Hi Caterina,
I just want to inform you that I am finished with my batch 8. If there are still work to be done, I'd be happy to take a new assignment. Thank you very much :) [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Yes I will do the updates asap. Sorry, I got back to you late. I had a very impt. errand today. [[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]
Okay, I will make the necessary changes.[[User:Marie Cabural|Marie]]

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