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Paul Stahura

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ICANN & Industry Involvement
Paul Stahura is a member of the [[ICANN]] [[Whois Task Force]]. He was elected to serve on the [[NomCom|ICANN Nomination Committee]] by the [[Registrar Constituency]] in November, 2006.
Mr. Stahura, on behalf of eNom, was involved in the industry complaints and actions against [[VeriSignVerisign]]'s [[WLS|Wait Listing Service]] in 2003.<ref>[ Stahura Letter to Halloran-]</ref>
In September, 2009, Paul Stahura testified before the U.S House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts and Competition regarding new [[gTLD]]s. He recommended that the government continue on its trajectory of non-intervention with [[ICANN]] and allow new [[gTLD]]s to be approved by the [[ICANN Board]]. He made the case that the new extensions would foster further growth and innovation on the Internet, and that stifling this was not in the government's, or the international Internet users', best interests.<ref>[ House Hearings]</ref>

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