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Susan Chalmers

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Further description of work duties.
|portrait = PortraitComing.jpg
|caricature = Susan Chalmers .jpg
|affiliation = ICANNWiki
|born = Kalamazoo, Michigan
|country = New Zealand / USA
|website = [ Chalmers & Associates]
|twitter = susan_chalmers
|linkedin = [ Susan's profile on LinkedIn]
'''Susan Chalmers''' is a Telecommunications an Internet Policy Specialist at the Office of International Affairs at the [[NTIA]]. <ref>[ her work, she focuses on Internet-related intellectual property, trade, and intermediary liability issues, tracks the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation, and engages in/susanchalmers Susan Chalmers' LinkedInthe Internet Governance Forum. Retrieved 22 Feb 2016.]</ref>

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