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Mar Perez

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|portrait = MarPerezPortrait.JPG|caricature = MarPerezCaricatureMarPerezCaricatureSpecial.jpg|country organization= UKCentralNic|email region= mar [at] centralnic.comEurope|website country= Germany|blog stakeholdergroup= Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|twitter affiliation=GNSO|born email=mar [at]|facebook = |linkedin userbox= {{Template:UBX-CARDSSEN}}}} '''Mar Perez''' is the Head of Business Development at [[CentralNic]], and has been working there since 2009.<ref>[]</ref> She is also the Director of Weloxy, an Internet portal.
Ms. Perez responsibilities include establishing new contracts with registrars, and since joining the company their business has grown 30-40%.<ref>[[ICANN 41]] Interview</ref>
Mar was featured as the Queen of Clubs in the [[Senegal Playing Card Deck]].
[[Image: MarPerezCaricaturePortrait.jpg|400px]]
== References ==

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