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Steve DelBianco

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Steve is also the Vice President of Public Policy at the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT), a trade association for ICT businesses in the US and Europe. Steve was an investor and Board Member of [[]].
Mr. DelBianco sets the policy agenda for both NetChoice and ACT. He represents NetChoice at [[ICANN Meetings]] and in the [[BC|Business Constituency]],<ref>[]</ref> and is a Member of the [[OPOC Working Group]].
Steve holds a degree in Engineering and another in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He received his MBA from the Wharton School.<ref>[]</ref>
===New gTLDs===
At [[ICANN 42]] in Dakar, [[Steve DelBianco]] outlined 4 standing issues that the CBUC had with the current new gTLD [[Applicant Guidebook]]. These points were later picked up by TLD critics, including [[ANA]] and [[CRIDO]], and are likely to influence a December 8th U.S. Senate hearing on new TLDs.<ref>[ Senate Hearing gTLDs]</ref> Those 4 points are:<ref>[ BC Four Holes in gTLD Process,]</ref>
# '''Terms of Use Compliance'''- there are no "teeth" that require new registries to follow the approach and model that they publicly state in their contract with ICANN.
# '''Applications for gTLD IDNs'''- the value of gTLD IDNs was stressed by the CBUC, but they pointed out that ICANN had yet to recognize or publicize this exciting development for the global Internet.

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