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Glen de Saint Géry

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'''Glen van Oudenhove de Saint Géry''' is [[ICANN]]'s was the Manager, Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees, and the [[GNSO]]'s Secretariat, between 2003 and has worked for 2016. She coordinated the ICANN since 2003.<ref>[ teams and managed the operations support staff for the three Supporting Organisations and the four Advisory Committees.html ICANN Staff Bio]</ref> Prior to joining She announced her resignation from ICANNin 2016, she worked as and is now a moderator at several meetings, including at consultant to the organisation while the policy team finds its feet without her. During [[ICANN Brussels58]] Meeting's IRTPB Information , a fireside chat has been scheduled to give her the "opportunity to say goodbye and share her story and Consultation Session.that of the GNSO with the broader community"<ref>[httphttps://wwwschedule.pdf-findericann.comorg/ICANN-Brussels-Meeting-IRTP-B-Information-andevent/9npO/gnso-Consultationhistory-Sessionfireside-....html]chat</ref>.
She was also an attendee at the [[ICANN Silicon Valley]]<ref>[*%40L%26V0%20%20%0A]</ref> and also at [[ICANN Nairobi]].<ref>[*%40X*V%40%20%20%0A]</ref>

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