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Coalitions Against PIPA
Senator [[Ron Wyden]] promised that he will filibuster in the Senate floor against the bill. According to him, ''"I will be working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle over the next month to explain the basis for this widespread concern, and I intend to follow through on a commitment that I made more than a year ago, to filibuster this bill when the Senate returns in January."'' <ref>[ Press Release of Senator Wyden]</ref> Wyden is proposing the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act ([[OPEN]]) as an alternative legislation to resolve the issues raised under SOPA and PIPA that might cause damage to the preset internet architecture. OPEN also aims to resolve IP infringement but it will not use black listing and censorship to protect intellectual property right instead it will will expand the capability of ITC to investigate infringement.<ref>[ Wyden, Moran, Cantwell Introduce IP Protection Bill that Will Not Break the Net]</ref>
===Coalitions Net Coalition Against PIPA===
The [[Net Coalition]] led by [[Markham Erickson]] is composed of different companies, web founders, public interest groups, non-profit and advocacy organizations and think tanks, industry associations, websites and online service providers, internet engineers and cybersecurity experts, academia and many other organizations. Below is a partial list of members from the net Net Coalition. A complete list can be found [ here]
* [[AOL]]
* [[eBay]]
* [[Etsy]]
* [[Facebook]]
* [[foursquare]]
* [[Google]]
* [[LinkedIn]]
* [[Mozilla]]
* [[OpenDNS]]
* [[PayPal]]
* [[Twitter]]
* [[Wikimedia Foundation]]
* [[Yahoo]]!
* [[Zynga Game Network]]
* Computer Communications Industry Association
* Consumer Electronics Association
* Engine Advocacy
* Entertainment%Consumers%Association
* [[Creative Commons]]
* [[Tumblr]]

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