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The development of the [[Internet Review Policy ]] began on March 1999. The initial [[ICANN Board]] appointed a 10-member [[Advisory Committee on Independent Review]] in-charge in developing the principles that will serve as structure for the implementation of independent review procedures in compliance with the ICANN Bylaws. On May 7, 1999, the Advisory Committee submitted its interim report with draft principles and addendum for public review and comment. The documents were publicly discussed during the ICANN meetings held in Berlin on May 26-17, 1999. After deliberations, the ICANN Board accepted the draft principles and the Advisory Committee were instructed to complete its task.<ref>[ Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Independent Review, May 7, 1999]</ref> <ref>
[ ICANN Minutes of Meeting, May 27, 1999]</ref>
On August 6, 1999, the Advisory Committee submitted the Final Report: Principles for Independent Review. The ICANN Board introduced the document for public discussion and accepted it during its meeting in Santiago on August 25-26, 1999. <ref>[ ICANN Minutes of Meeting August 26, 1999]</ref>
During the ICANN Meeting in Cairo on March 9-10 2000, the ICANN Staff submitted the proposed Independent Review Policy. The policy serves as a guideline on how to implement the principles recommended by the Advisory Committee.<ref>[ Proposed Independent Review Policy]</ref> The policy was adopted by the ICANN Board on March 10. An [[Independent Review Panel Nominating Committee ]] was delegated to nominate 9 members who will comprise the IRP.<ref>[ Independent Review Panel Nominating Committee]</ref>
On May 7, 2001, the IRP Nominating Committee received an instruction from the Board to seek qualified applicants who will assume the position as members of the IRP within 90 days.<ref>
[ Special Meeting of the Board Preliminary Report May 7, 2001]</ref> Following the directive, the IRP Nominating Committee issued a call to the internet community to submit nominations on June 26, 2001.<ref>[ Open Call to the Internet Community For Nominations
to the ICANN Independent Review Panel]</ref> The IRP Nominating Committee was unsuccessful in completing the list of candidates for the IRP Panel on the deadline set by the ICANN Board and requested for an extension. During the ICANN Meeting in Montevideo, the Board approved the request of the IRP Nominating Committee and extended the deadline to submit the list of the candidates for the IRP until October 15, 2001.<ref>[ Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board in Montevideo Preliminary Report]</ref>The IRP Nominating Committee was not able to provide a complete list during the extended deadline. Only three members of the committee submitted a list of 9 nominees while the other members did not participate in the process. A report on the status of the committee was submitted during the ICANN Meeting in Accra, Ghana on March 14, 2002. The nine individuals nominated for the IRP Panel include: <ref>[ ICANN Accra Meeting Topic: Implementation of Independent Review Policy# [[Zoe Baird]] (US)# [[Diane Cabell]] (US)# [[Scott Donahey]](US)# [[David Post]] (US)# [[Michael Kirby]] (AU)# [[Houston Putnam]] Lowry]] (US)# [[Margit Brandl]] (AT)# [[Henry Perritt]] (US)# [[Zheng Chengsi]] (CN
==Members of the IRP Nominating Committee==

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