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# [[Margit Brandl]] (AT)
# [[Henry Perritt]] (US)
# [[Zheng Chengsi]] (CN) On March 14, 2002, the challenge and difficulties faced by the IRP Nominating Committee was referred to Evolution and Reform Committee then chaired by [[Alejandro Pisanty]] with Lyman Chapin, Phil Davidson, Hans Kraaijenbrink, and Nii Quaynor serving as members. The Reform and Evolution Committee was created by the ICANN Board through Resoultion )1:32 to develop a framework for the implementation of reforms on ICANN's structure and procedures.<ref>[ ICANN Meeting in Accra Preliminary Report, March 14, 2002]</ref> ICANN adopted its new Bylaws o December 15, 2002. Artcle IV Section 3 of the Bylaws mandates an independent review process without the involvement of an IRP nominating Committee.<ref>[ The New Bylaws Effective as of December 15, 2002]</ref>
==Members of the IRP Nominating Committee==

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