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Neelie Kroes

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==ICANN Involvement==
As VP for Digital Agenda for Europe, Ms. Kroes provides a strong voice for the internet community in Europe within [[ICANN]]. During the [[ICANN 38 meeting]] meeting in Brussels, Ms. Kroes recognized the success of the ICANN’s [[Multi-stakeholder modelMultistakeholder]] model in internet governance and recommended to ensure that technical changes must add value to the internet to serve the interest of the public. According to her, all stakeholders play a significant role in preserving the freedom of speech and human rights on the internet and in combating identity theft, spam, phishing and other cyber crimes. She emphasized that all stakeholders must work together to ensure the internet’s security and resilience. She also said, “the internet day-to-day functioning works well and I am the first to say "if it isn't broken, don’t fix it!" On the issue of the new [[gTLD]] expansion program, Kroes advice the [[ICANN Board]] to take steps carefully and to consider all aspects not just commercial interests in carrying out its decisions. According to her, the new gTLD program serves as a challenge to ICANN’s governance.<ref>[ Neelie Kroes Speech at ICANN Brussels 2010]</ref>

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