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Suspended .xxx Domain Names
==Suspended .xxx Domain Names==
Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM confirmed that the company suspended the registration for several .xxx domain names due to unmistakable, blatant [[cybersquatting]]. The suspended domain names include,,,,,, and Lawley emphasized and reiterated that his company is serious in implementing its policies and it is committed in maintaining high standard registry operations. He said, ''"We will not tolerate nefarious conduct and will exercise our right to take appropriate action when we detect widespread repeat patterns of cyber-squatting activity. Would-be cyber-squatters are on notice – neither ICM Registry nor the .xxx community will be complicit in the theft or abuse of intellectual property. ICM takes a stand to facilitate user choice and parental control, protect the privacy, security, and consumer rights of consenting adults, fight child abuse images, and protect intellectual property.”'' <ref>[ ICM Registry Acts in Response to Reports of Cyber-squatting]</ref>
==Free .xxx Domain Names==
As part of ICM's Adult Performer Program, the company partnered with domain name registrar [[]] partnered in offering a one-year free domain name registration for 3,500 selected porn stars. The domain names were reserved by ICM and the $210,000 registry fee was paid in advance by<ref>[ ICM offers free .xxx domains to porn stars]</ref>
==Dispute Resolution Programs==

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