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Security Experts Technical Concerns on DNS Filtering Provision
In May 2011, internet security experts, including [[Steve Crocker]], CEO of [[Shinkuro]] Inc., and Chairman of the [[ICANN board]]; [[David Dagon]], [[DNS]] post-doctoral researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology; [[Dan Kaminsky]], security researcher for Fortune 500 companies such as [[Cisco]] and [[Microsoft]]; [[Danny McPherson]], Chief Security Officer for [[Verisign]] and [[Paul Vixie]], founder of [[ISC|Internet Systems Consortium]] sent a White Paper to the members of the Senate explaining how PIPA's DNS related provisions will cause harmful effects to the security and technical stability of the current Internet architecture. They encouraged lawmakers to scrap the DNS filtering provisions---Section 3(d)(II)(A)(ii) as stipulated in the proposed bill- because it was not compatible with the end-to-end implementations of [[DNSSEC|DNS Security Extensions]] (DNSSEC), a DNS security extension which allows certain information to be signed cryptographically providing secure authentication of Internet assets.<ref>
[ and Other Technical Concerns Raised by the DNS Filtering Requirements in the PROTECT IP Bill]</ref>
On January 12, 2012, Senator Patrick Leahy stated that the DNS blocking provision of the bill is a highly technical issue and he is prepared to recommend a further study to weigh the impact of the provision before implementing it.<ref>[ Author of Controversial Piracy Bill Now Says ‘More Study’ Needed]</ref>
===Senator Ron Wyden Against PIPA===

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