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==GoDaddy Took Over RegisterFly Data==
On March 29, 2007, ICANN announced that [[GoDaddy]] will take over the entire 850,000 domain names under RegisterFly's portfolio. According to [[ICANN CEO]] and President [[Paul Twomey]], ICANN had been actively seeking proposals from registrars to provide bulk transfers for the RegisterFly's records but it stopped the process. According to him, because Godaddy's ''"agreement is a better solution for RegisterFly customers since it's a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization."''
[ ICANN Welcomes Takeover of RegisterFly Data | Direct, automatic transfer of domain names imminent under business deal]</ref>
==Class Action Lawsuit==
On 23, March 2007, A class action lawsuit was filed against RegisterFly by Anne Martinez, domain name registrant whose business and finances were affected by the fiasco. ICANN and Enom were also included in the lawsuit. Ms. Martinez through the Dummit Law Firm requested the court for a Temporary Restraining order (TRO) against RegisterFly. The court rejected Martinez request because ICANN was already granted with TRO and obtained all the necessary data to protect all RegisterFly customers including Martinez. After the court ruling, Martinez opened her case to the public to gain support from other customers affected by RegisterFly's mismanagement.<ref>[ ICANN sued by irate RegisterFly customer, as class action rumble begins]</ref> On February 6, 2009, a default judgement was granted by U.S. District Court Judge James Beaty of the Middle District of North Carolina in favor of Martinez. The judge ordered Hosting Services Group, Inc., Kevin Medina, Registerfly, Inc., and Unified Names, Inc. to pay trebled damages and attorney's fees.<ref>[ Anne Martinez v. RegisterFLy]</ref> <ref>[ RegisterFly Class Action Lawsuit Developments]</ref>

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