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# [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]], .art is one of 68 applications that the company has applied for on its own behalf.<ref>[ gTLD Application update 92 Applications submitted,]</ref>
# [[Top Level Design]], submitted a total of 10 applications.
# [[.Art Registry Inc.]], [[John Kane]] of [[Afilias]] is the company's primary contact person.
# [[Dadotart, Inc.]], applied under the [[Community gTLD]] category.
# [[Baxter Tigers, LLC]] primary contact person is Daniel Schindler, EVP of [[Donuts]].
# [[UK Creative Ideas Limited]], Christopher John Glancy is the contact person.
# [[Merchant Law Group LLP]], company is based in Canada and Brendon James Ralfe is the contact person.
# [[Uniregistry]], Corp., a new company established by [[Frank Schilling]].
# [[EFLUX.ART, LLC]], submitted a community gTLD application and listed Anton Vidokle as contact person.

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