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FairWinds Partners

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| keypeople = [[Josh Joshua Bourne]] and [[Phil Lodico]], Managing Partners
The co-founders of FairWinds, Josh Joshua Bourne and Phil Lodico, also co-founded the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse ([[CADNA]]), a non-profit advocay group dedicated in combating domain name abuse by increasing people's awareness and encouraging internet users and stakeholders to take action to be able to stop all illegal internet activities such as [[cybersquatting]] and trademark infringement. <ref>[ CADNA]</ref>
The distinction between their businesses has been criticized, given that FairWinds is offering new gTLD consultancy services and CADNA has been leading an oppositional effort against the [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD program]]. This line has not always been clear, such as when FairWinds seemingly changed their approach to utilize their CADNA association to highlight that they are able to help brands [[Defensive Registration|defensively submit]] applications for [[gTLD]]s and [[Brand gTLDs]]. They explicitly noted that some brands should be choosing to apply for generic strings in an attempt to head-off any moves that their direct competitors may make for the same string; the brand could then choose to opt-out for a 70% refund should it find that its competitors did not apply and it is no longer interested in the string.<ref>[ CADNA Hard Sells Defensive gTLD Applications,]</ref> FairWinds is not the only consultancy service that will likely profit from defensive registration, despite the fact that ICANN led an outreach effort to educate brands that defensive registration is not necessary. The widespread perception that defensive registration was necessary was seen as a failure on ICANN's part, and it was largely addressed only after the [[New gTLD Program|new gTLd program]] was approved and high level critics, such as Secretary [[Lawrence Strickling]] of the U.S. Government, called on the organization to rectify the situation.<ref>[ NTIA Letter on gTLD Program,]</ref>

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