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Chris Mondini

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|portrait = Chris-Mondini_Portrait.jpg|caricature = Chris-Mondini_Caricature.jpg|born organization= USAICANN|region=North America|country = USA|affiliation=ICANN|email = chris.mondini[at]|website = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Chris Mondini]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-ICANNSTAFF-C}}
'''Chris Mondini''' is a Vice President of Business Engagement for [[ICANN]], where he works to build relationships with companies beyond the domain name sector, by educating global businesses on the role of ICANN as well as increasing cross-cultural dialogue about topics of internet governance.<ref name="icann">[ Christopher Mondini,], Retrieved 2014 April 10.</ref> He has held that position since January 2013, though he was the Chief of Staff at ICANN from September 2011 to December 2012, where he provided strategic advice and direction for the CEO and Executive Team of ICANN and served as a liaison for internal and external stakeholders.<ref name="linkedin">[ Christopher Mondini,], Retrieved 2014 April 10.</ref>

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