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Jim Bidzos

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{{People |portrait = Jbidzos.JPG|caricature = blank.png|affiliation organization= Verisign|born = 1955|country region= USANorth America|email country=USA|website stakeholdergroup= Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|twitter = |facebook affiliation= GNSO|linkedin =
'''Jim Bidzos''' is the Founder of [[Verisign]], Inc. He currently serves as the company's President and CEO. He assumed this position on August 1, 2011 after the resignation of [[Mark McLaughlin]] on July 27.<ref>[ Verisign Announces CEO Resignation]</ref> Bidzos has been serving the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2007.<ref>[ VeriSign Board Elects Jim Bidzos as New Chairman]</ref>

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