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Becky Burr

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|portrait = BeckyBurrPortraitNew.JPG|caricature = BeckyB.jpg|born country=USA|stakeholdergroup= Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|country affiliation= USAGNSO|email = becky.burr[at]|website = [ Becky Burr at]|twitter = |facebook = [http Facebook - Becky Burr]|linkedin = [http LinkedIn - Becky Burr]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-CCNSO-P}} {{Template:UBX-CARD48}}{{Template:UBX-QUICKIE}}
''' J. Beckwith (“Becky”) Burr''' is the Chief Privacy Officer at [[Neustar]].<ref>[ Neustar hires Becky Burr as privacy chief,]</ref> In that capacity, she is responsible for implementing the company’s “privacy by design” program, and ensuring that the company maintains state-of-the-art privacy and data security to protect customer and consumer information. As an expert on Internet governance issues, Ms. Burr provides policy and legal advice related to the company's provision of Internet domain name registry services.

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