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Kevin Kopas

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|portrait = KevinKopasPortrait.png|caricature = KevinKopasCaricature.jpg|affiliation organization= PIR (.Org)|born region= USANorth America|country = USA|email stakeholdergroup= kevin [at] kk.wsPrivate Sector - Domain Name Industry|website affiliation= GNSO|blog = |twitter = |facebook email= kkopas [at]|linkedin = [ Kevin Kopas]|userbox twitter= kevinkopas
'''Kevin Kopas''' is the Channel Manager, Asia for [[PIR]]. In this position, he manages PIR's approach and relationships in the Asian market. He believes [[ICANN Meetings]] are a great place to meet newcomers to the industry and connect with [[registrars]] and [[registries]] to see where the market is heading.

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