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Axel Kaltz

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|portrait = AxelKaltzPortrait.JPG|caricature =AxelK.jpg|affiliationorganization= ParkingcrewParkingCrew|born region=Europe|country = Germany|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - General Business/Legal|affiliation=Other/Special Interest Group|email = axel[at]|website = |blog = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Axel Kaltz]|userbox =
'''Axel Kaltz''' is the Managing Director of [[ParkingCrew]], which is a subidiary of [[Team Internet]] AG. His main responsibilities include new client acquisition and product development.<ref>[[ICANN 45]] Interview</ref> Mr. Kaltz is a veteran of the domain industry, specifically domain monetization and the aftermarket. Previous positions include multiple roles at [[Sedo]], such as Director of Sales Operations for Europe and the Asia-Pacific, and Director of Sales, Parking in Germany. His transition from Sedo to ParkingCrew is a refocus from direct sales roles onto a more strategic and visionary function.<ref>[]</ref><ref name="linkedin">[ Axel Kaltz,] Updated 2015 June 23.</ref>

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