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Bayern Connect

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| founders = Caspar von Veltheim
| ownership =
| headquarters = Hohenzollern Strasse 7 <br>80801 Munich
| country = Germany
| businesses =
| revenue =
| email =
| website = www.bayernconnectnic.combayern| blog = [http://www.bayernconnectnic.combayern/blog/ Bayern Blog]| facebook = [ BayernConnect]bayerndomain
| linkedin =
| twitter = Bayern Connectbayern_domain| keypeople = [[Caspar von Veltheim]]<br>[[Antony Van Couvering]], Managing DirectorsDirector
'''Bayern Connect''' is a company based in Germany appointed by the State Government of Bavaria to apply for the [[.bayern]] (bavaria) [[TLD|top level domain name]] (TLD) with the [[ICANN]]. [[Top Level Domain Holdings Ltd.]] (TLDH) has a majority holdings in the company. Bayern Connect was established by [[Caspar von Veltheim]] in 2009. He serves as managing director of the company together with [[Antony Van Couvering]]. TLDH's subsidiary, [[Minds + Machines]], will provide back-end registry solutions to the proposed .bavaria (.bayern) TLD.<ref>[ Minds+Machines Works with .bayern]</ref> <ref>[http://wwwnic.bayernconnect.combayern/blog/ Bavaria accepts the tender for this job, marketing and operation of the new Top-Level Domain]</ref> The .bavaria (.bayern) is classified as a [[GeoTLD]] representing the German state of Bavaria.
The company's bid for .bayern gTLD is supported by the Bavarian State government, and leading Bavarian businesses and institutions. Prince Leopold of Bavaria, a strong advocate for the preservation of Bavarian traditions, serves as the company's Senior Adviser, while Dr. [[Andreas Schulz]], an [[Intellectual Property|intellectual property]] attorney will advise in the development of policies to protect the intellectual property rights of registrants under the .bayern gTLD.<ref>[ Bayern Connect Selects Minds + Machines for .BAYERN]</ref>
Bayern Connect's leadership include: <ref>[http://wwwnic.bayernconnect.combayern/uberueber-uns/ About Us]</ref>
* Prince Leopold of Bavaria, Patron
* Caspar von Veltheim, Managing Director
* [[Antony Van Couvering]]Thomas Rickert, Managing Director* Jacob Pranter, Assistant Manager*[[ Elaine Pruis]], Technical Director* [[Peter Dengate Thrush]], Executive Chairman TLDH* Dr. Andreas Schulz, Partners of the Firm Lawyers KLAKA* Dr. Ralf Hackbarth, Partners of the Firm Lawyers KLAKALegal Representation
==ICANN Involvement==
Since its establishment Bayern Connect has actively participated in the different activities within the ICANN Community. The company attended ICANN meetings such as the [[ICANN 38]] meeting in Brussels and the [[ICANN 36]] meeting in Seoul.<ref>[http://wwwnic.bayernconnect.combayern/blog/ Bayern Connect at ICANN meeting in Brussels]</ref><ref>[ Bayern Connect at ICANN Conference in Seoul]</ref>
On January 25, 2009, Bayern Connect supported ICANN's Expression of Interest program and submitted the following comments to the [[ICANN Board]]:<ref>

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