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Dima Beitzke

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'''Dima Beitzke''' is was Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for [[Sedo]], and is was responsible for sales and marketing in Europe and Southeast Asia.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki - ICANN 49 Intake Form, March 2014</ref> He is was also responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, and PR for Sedo.
Prior to joining Sedo, Beitzke held a number of positions for international organizations that provide direct marketing and online marketing services and products. In his most recent role, he was Managing Director of the German pop culture media brand erdbeerlounge, where his responsibilities included oversight of a number of targeted online portals. Prior to that, the was head of advertiser sales for [[]] AG, an affiliate of Axel Springer AG and the largest European network for performance-based online advertising. He was also in leading sales positions at a number of companies in the Arvato group, a subsidiary of German media company Bertelsmann.<ref>User Submitted 22 May 2014</ref>

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