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Helena Schindler

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{{People |portrait = HelenaSchindlerPortrait.jpg|caricature = HelenaSchindlerCaricature.jpg|affiliationorganization= [[InterNetX]]|born region= GermanyEurope|country = Germany|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=GNSO|email = hsc[at]|website = |twitter = |facebook = |linkedin = [ Helena Schindler]|userbox = }}  
'''Helena Schindler''' has been a Global Sales Manager and Team Leader of the International Domain Sales Team at [[InterNetX]] since November 2014, though she has been with the company since June 2011.<ref name="linkedin">[ Helena Schindler,] Retrieved 2015 July 8.</ref><ref name="intake">ICANNWiki - ICANN 53 Buenos Aires Intake Form. Retrieved 2015 July 8.</ref>

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