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Markus Germann

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|portrait = MarkusGermann-Portrait.jpg|caricature = MarkusGermann-Caricature.jpg|affiliationorganization= KSregistryKey-Systems|born = Germany|country = Germany|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=GNSO|email = mgermann [at]|facebook = [ Markus Germann]|twitter =|linkedin = [http Markus Germann]
'''Markus Germann''' is the Head of Support at [[KSregistry]], where he is responsible for the support of KSregistry's back-end customers as well as [[.vg]] and [[.gd]] registrars. He is also a Registry Liaison Manager at [[Key-Systems]], a company which he has been with since January 2009. There, he manages registrar and registry communication with [[ccTLD]] and [[gTLD]] registry operators, by on-boarding new gTLD registries and offering technical evaluations of new gTLDs.<ref name="linkedin">[ Markus Germann,]</ref>

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