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Sabine Dolderer

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|portrait = Sabine_dolderer.jpg|caricature = SabineDoldererCaricature.jpg|born region=Europe|country = Germany|website = |twitter = |facebook = [ Sabine Dolderer]|linkedin = [http Sabine Dolderer]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-ICANN30}}
'''Sabine Dolderer''' was the CEO at [[DENIC]] eG till February 2014.<ref>[ DENIC Press Release]</ref>. She served as Director and Member of the Executive Board at [[DENIC]] Prior to April 2007, and was responsible for the business and technical services for the [[.de]] registry. Sabine has been with [[DENIC]] since its inception in 1994, when it was managed by the University of Karlsruhe computing center, and through its founding as a cooperative in 1997.<ref>[ Interview with Sabine Dolderer, CEO of DENIC – Germany’s .de ccTLD]</ref>

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