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Alexander Mayrhofer

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|portrait = AlexMayrhofer-Portrait.jpg|caricature = AlexMayrhofer-Caricature.jpg|affiliationorganization=|born region= AustriaEurope|country = Austria|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=ccNSO|email = alexander.mayrhofer [at]|facebook =|twitter =|linkedin = [ Alexander Mayrhofer]
'''Alexander Mayrhofer''' is the Team Leader of Research and Development at [[]], and has held that position since August 2002.<ref name="linkedin">[ Alexander Mayrhofer,]</ref> One of his most recent projects includes the implementation and deployment of "Registry-in-a-Box",'s registry solution for new gTLD registries.<ref name="intake">ICANNWiki - ICANN 52 Intake Form, February 2015.</ref>

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