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Bret Fausett

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|portrait = BretFausettPortrait2.JPG|caricature = BretFausettCaricature2.jpg|organization=Uniregistry|region=North America|country = USA|stakeholdergroup=Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|affiliation=GNSO|email = bret [at]|website = [ Internet Pro APC]|blog linkedin= [http]in/bretfausett|twitter = bretfausett|facebook = [!/profile.php?id=531176908 Bret Fausett]|linkedin = [ bret-fausett]|userbox = {{Template:UBX-GNSO-C}} {{Template:UBX-RYSG-C}} {{Template:UBX-ALAC-P}} {{Template:UBX-CARD50}}
'''Brett Fausett''' is one of the first Attorneys to pursue the [[Intellectual Property|intellectual property]] aspects of Internet Law. He is currently an Attorney with [[Internet Pro]] APC, which is based in Marina del Rey, California.<ref>[ LinkedIn]</ref>

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