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Monte Cahn

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|portrait = Monte_cahn.jpg|caricature = MonteCahn_Caricature.jpg|born organization=Right of the Dot|country jobtitle= USAFounder / President|email region= monte [at] rightofthedot.comNorth America|website country= USA|blog stakeholdergroup= Private Sector - General Business/Legal|twitter affiliation= Other/Special Interest Group|facebook email= monte [at]|linkedin = [http Monte Cahn LinkedIn]montecahn|userbox = {{Template:UBX-CARD49}}
'''Monte Cahn''' is a renowned Internet entrepreneur and [[domainer]]. He established the first Internet domain brokerage, [[]], in 1996.<ref>[]</ref> He has founded and acted as CEO for a number of important industry companies, such as [[Moniker]] and [[Domain Systems]].<ref>[]</ref> He is currently working on a new project, [[Right of the Dot]], with another famous domainer, [[Michael H. Berkens]].

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