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.CLUB Domains LLC

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'''.CLUB Domains LLC''' is applying to run the [[.club]] [[gTLD]] within [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program|new gTLD program]]. Its mission is to more adequately serve clubs and associations, which it believes are not adequately represented by current gTLD offerings such as [[.com]] and [[.org]]. The entity is one of the first public applicants within the program given that many potential applicants have kept their own plans under wraps, this public presence has allowed them to create excitement around the potential extension and elicit support from those interested.<ref>[ Home,]</ref> This support has also taken the form of fundraising to aid in the successful acquisition and delegation of the string,<ref>[]</ref> application related financing was secured, and contingent financing to ensure that .CLUB Domains wins the extension in a potential auction has also been secured.<ref>[ Blog,]</ref>

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