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'''Independent Review Panel (IRP)''' is a third-party review of Board actions operated by an International arbitration provider appointed. The IRP is in-charge in evaluating and determining if the actions, in-actions, decisions or resolutions made by the [[ICANN Board]] are contrary to the provisions of the Corporation's Articles of Incorporation and/or By-Laws. An IRP is created whenever there is an allegation against the Board and the complainant requests for an independent review of the action or decision. Article 3, Section IV (Independent Review of Actions) of the ICANN Bylaws mandates the creation of an IRP, which is carried out by [[ICANN]] through its Independent Review Policy established in 2002.<ref>[ ICANN Bylaws, Effective as of 15 December 2002]</ref>
The development of the [[Internet Internal Review Policy]] began on in March , 1999. The initial [[ICANN Board]] appointed a 10-member [[Advisory Committee on Independent Review]] in-charge in developing the principles that will serve as structure for the implementation of independent review procedures in compliance with the ICANN Bylaws. On May 7, 1999, the Advisory Committee submitted its interim report with draft principles and addendum for public review and comment. The documents were publicly discussed during the ICANN meetings held in Berlin on May 26-17, 1999. After deliberations, the ICANN Board accepted the draft principles and the Advisory Committee were instructed to complete its task.<ref>[ Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Independent Review, May 7, 1999]</ref> <ref>
[ ICANN Minutes of Meeting, May 27, 1999]</ref>

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