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Paul Stahura

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Donuts began in stealth mode in 2011; it was correctly assumed to be a new gTLD venture, and the initial directors included [[Robert Verratti]] and [[Chris Pacitti]], both of whom are with diverse investment firms. Initial exectuives, along with Mr. Stahura, included [[Richard Tindal]], [[Jonathon Nevett]], and [[Daniel Schindler]]. The early SEC filing notes that $1 million in equity financing had been raised, and that the company was continuing to raise funds.<ref>[ Demand Media Exec Paul Stahura Emerges Stealthy Donuts,]</ref> Given the staff, backing, and timing of the company it was assumed that Donuts would be involved in New gTLDs - though initial reports and guesses at the company's involvement were wildly off base - such as a report that the company was applying for 10 new gTLDs.<ref>[ Paul Stahuras Donuts Inc to Apply for 10 TLDs,]</ref> This is so interesting given that the The company would go went on to raise $100 million in capital and apply for 307 new gTLDs.<ref>[ Seattle Area Startup Raised 100m Series Financing,]</ref> Paul is extremely enthusiastic about new gTLDs and says that he cannot pick a "favorite" new gTLD, and that he likes any and all new gTLDs as each one represents an expansion of the Internet that he and others have been waiting for 15 years to see happen. His day-to-day activities at Donuts prior to the closing of the application deadline mainly involved raising further financing and creating the list of TLDs to apply for. His responsibilities continue to revolve around raising financing, though he is now also involved in planning for implementation and planning undisclosed "innovative stuff" for the industry.<ref>[ Paul Stahuras Time Machine 1995 Domain Rush All Over Again,]</ref>

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