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Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd

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The company is a member of the [[IIA]], [[ISPAI]], [[INEX]], [[RIPE]], [[AFNIC]] and [[Nominet]]; and is also Hosting Solutions competent as a Microsoft Certified Partner.<ref>[ Blacknight About]</ref>
Blacknight began offering free one-year registration of [[.co]] domains in October, 2012. This free domain offering had been offered for .ie domains since May, but the amount of verification necessary for .ie registration made it a labor-intensive offer.<ref>[ Press Release blacknight Announce Free Co Domains,]</ref>
In January, 2010, [[ICANN]] authorized the transfer of a bulk transfer of [[Hosting365 Inc.]]’s [[gTLD]] domains to Blacknight. This action was undertaken due to a compliance issue that resulted in [[ICANN]]'s de-accreditation of registrar [[Hosting365 Inc.]]<ref>[ ICANN Announcements]</ref> [[ICANN]] explains its decision and the procedures undertaken [ here]

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