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The company offers core engineering services specializing in Apache, Python, FreeBSD, OpenVPN and Perl.
===$38 million Minority Investment===
In October, 2012, it was announced that Dyn had received a $38 million Series A minority investment from Land North Bridge. The investment also expands the Board of Directors for the company, adding 3 more positions, two from North Bridge; the board was originally staffed by only Dyn's two founders.<ref>[ Dyn Raises 38 million from North Bridge and Jason Calacanis Joins Its Board,]</ref> In an open letter to his employees and others, CEO [[Jeremy Hitchcock]] stressed that his company had been courted by other investors for some time, and that his decision to go ahead was North Bridge was the opportunity to keep doing what was best for the company, but with more resources, including greater contacts in related portfolio companies and a well-staffed board, to do so.<ref>[ Open Letter to Dyn employees Clients Partners Prospects Friends Family Fans,]</ref>

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