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.xxx Policies
The sponsoring community of the .xxx includes individuals, companies, organizations, providers of adult entertainment. Some of these entities include adult website administrators, club owners, performers, agents, lawyers, distributors and manufacturers or adult products. All entities interested in registering a .xxx domain need to become a member of the community. Individuals must provide correct date of birth, address, phone number, confirm membership to the community, and accept the Registry-Registrant Agreement. <ref>[ Who Qualifies for the Sponsored Community]</ref>
The [[IFFOR]] implements policies to comply with its agreements; to protect the privacy, security and consumer rights of consenting adults; to help user choice and parental control with regards to access to online adult content; and to fight child abuse images. Its' baseline policies include:<ref>[ IFFOR Baseline Policies]</ref>
* Registration is restricted to the sponsoring community

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