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Roussos also gathers support from different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace. The page has almost 4.3 million friends or followers.<ref>[ .MUSIC Extension:]</ref> Aside from Roussos, [[Tina Dam]], Robert Singerman, Ken Abdo, Bob Donnelly and John Simsom comprise the Leadership Team of dot Music initiative. The team plans to operate the .music TLD using the multistakeholder approach and a portion of the revenue generated from the .music TLD registrations will be donated to selected non-profit organizations. Registrations will be restricted to .MUSIC-accredited Community Member Organizations (CMOs).<ref>[ About Us]</ref>
'''Mr. Ruoussos is now working with the [[DotMusic]] / [[|DotMusic?CGR E-Commerce Ltd.]] bid.'''<ref>[ Music Status,]</ref>
==Far Further Bid==

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