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Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd

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The company is a member of the [[IIA]], [[ISPAI]], [[INEX]], [[RIPE]], [[AFNIC]] and [[Nominet]]; and is also Hosting Solutions competent as a Microsoft Certified Partner.<ref>[ Blacknight About]</ref>
Blacknight began offering free one-year registration of [[.co]] domains in October, 2012as part of the Getting Irish Business Online initiative. This free domain offering had been offered for .ie domains since May, but the amount of verification necessary for .ie registration made it a labor-intensive offer.<ref>[ Press Release blacknight Announce Free Co Domains,]</ref>
In January, 2010, [[ICANN]] authorized the transfer of a bulk transfer of [[Hosting365 Inc.]]’s [[gTLD]] domains to Blacknight. This action was undertaken due to a compliance issue that resulted in [[ICANN]]'s de-accreditation of registrar [[Hosting365 Inc.]]<ref>[ ICANN Announcements]</ref> [[ICANN]] explains its decision and the procedures undertaken [ here]

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