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International Telecommunication Union

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In 2005, the ITU signed a MoU with [[ICANN]], which superseded and suspended an earlier MoU which ICANN had with the U.S. Department of Commerce ([[DOC]]). The main motive behind signing the MoU with ITU was that ICANN wanted to adopt some of ITU's proven practices, such as charging for access to documents and membership in order to make up for publication costs, which would ultimately help to ease budget pressures.<ref>[]</ref>
==World Conference on International Telecommunications(WCIT)==
From December 3rd to December 14th, 2012, the ITU is holding the [[WCIT|World Conference on International Telecommunications]] (WCIT) in Dubai. Government representatives from 178 nations around the world will be working to renegotiate the ''[[ITR|International Telecommunications Regulations]]'' (ITR), an information and communications treaty that outlines rules for how traffic should flow between telecom networks and how to calculate charges for traffic between different international carriers interfacing with one another. The treaty has not been updated since its signing in 1988.<ref>[ Google attacks UN's internet treaty conference], Published 22 November 2012. Retrieved 26 November 2012.</ref> Of the goals of the updated treaty, the ITU has said that it hopes to ensure "the free flow of information around the world, promoting affordable and equitable access for all and laying the foundation for ongoing innovation and market growth".<ref name="bbcnews-1">[ European Parliament warns against UN internet control], Published 22 November 2012. Retrieved 26 November 2012.</ref>

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