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ICM-Operated Sites
In September, 2012, the .xxx centric search engine at was launched by ICM Registry. The search engine does not have a direct revenue model, but is instead a means of directing greater traffic to .xxx sites. Touted benefits of the search engine include: a pornographic focused search rather than a search that could result in non-pornographic sexual material, a safe and focused search for adults, the ability to search via sexual orientation, and not saving or recording searches to one's Google search history. The long-term goal is to increase the market-share of .xxx.<ref>[]</ref>
===Russian iTunes Glitch===
On December 5th 2012, sections of the Russian iTunes store featured out of place banner ads and explicit content from ICM's registry internal search engine, Bloggers speculated than an Apple Web Developer may have entered the "" as a placeholder not realizing that the URL would resolve as a live domain.<ref>[ Russian iTunes Store Infiltrated by XXX Banners after Snafu,] Retrieved & Published 5 Dec 2012</ref>

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