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BRS Media

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In the same interview, Bundy listed several reasons that ICANN should pick BRS Media, including the company's notable amount of "experience dealing with industry-specific domain names" and the fact that BRS Media has only applied for one, whereas larger companies like [[Afilias]] have applied for numerous domain names and "care no more about radio than they do the color pink."<ref name="radioworld-2"></ref>
According to ICANN rules, applicants with a that can prove "[[Community TLD|community]]" designation -- those who operate its a proposed new gTLD for the benefit of a 'clearly designated community' -- will automatically wil receive "precedence for designation". If the EBU can prove to ICANN's new gTLD review panel that it represents an entire community and does not lose the "community" designation due to challenges from other parties, it will automatically be the chosen bidder for delegated .radio. Otherwise, .radio will be rewarded to the highest bidder through an [[gTLD Auction|auction process]].<ref name="radioworld-3">[ Kleiman: U.S. Radio Should Get Involved in 'Dot-Radio' Discussion], Published 14 November 2012. Retrieved 30 November 2012.</ref>
Internet policy specialist [[Kathy Kleiman|Kathryn Kleiman]] believes taking into account the future of radio should be important. Her opinion is that, "BRS Media, Afilias and Tin Dale provide a more open platform for a range of new radio services that are developing now and in the future. It is a different version than the EBU application, which will allow registration of domain names to more traditional media, e.g., licensed broadcasters and licensed amateur radio clubs. An open discussion of visions of the future of radio online would be very timely right now."<ref name="radioworld-3"></ref>

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