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The application was issued a [[GAC]] Early Warning from the representative of Australia and GAC Chair, [[Heather Dryden]]. The warning system is noted as a strong recommendation on behalf of national governments to the [[ICANN Board]] that a given TLD application should be denied as it stands. Applicants are encouraged to work with objecting GAC members.<ref>[ GAC Early Warning,] Retrieved 24 Nov 2012</ref> The warning notes that the TLD refers to a regulated market and that there are not currently sufficient protection mechanisms detailed in the application to protect against consumer harm.<ref>[ Attorney AU,] Retrieved 24 Nov 2012</ref>
===Application Specifics==='''Excerpted from Response to Question 18:'''<br>The .AUTOINSURANCE gTLD registry will be a standard, not a community-based, registry. The .AUTOINSURANCE gTLD registry will be a standard registry restricted to AFCIC and its qualified subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, or others having the Required Agreement. The registry will be closed to registrants who do not have a formal, written agreement from AFCIC or an affiliate of AFCIC, specifically allowing the registration of a second-level domain name in the .AUTOINSURANCE gTLD registry (the “Required Agreement”). There will be no market for second-level registrations outside of registrants that are affiliated with AFCIC and⁄or that have the Required Agreement. The Allstate Corporation and their affiliated companies (collectively, “the Allstate Family” or “Allstate”) comprise a leading insurance group that provides insurance products for autos, apartments, homes, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, personal property, lives and businesses across the country (http:⁄⁄⁄about.aspx). Allstate is the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurance group in America with 12,000 agents and operations in numerous States and provinces throughout the United States, Canada and in the UK. Affiliates of Allstate include, but are not limited to, Esurance and Answer Financial.

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