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Michael Palage

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Mr. Palage has been actively involved in [[ICANN ]] policy since its formation in connection with his former role as Chair of the ICANN Registrar Constituency. He formerly served as the former Chair of ICANN's Working Group B and currently serves as a [[WIPO ]] [[UDRP ]] panelist. Mr. Palage currently provides consulting services to domain name registration authorities and has testified as an expert witness in a number of Internet related matters.
Michael Palage was selected for the ICANN Board by the Generic Names Supporting Organisation. He served on the Board from April 2003 to 3 April 2006.<ref>[ ICANN biography data]</ref>Palage Resigned from ICANN Board April 3, 2006.<ref>[ Palage Resigns from ICANN Board]</ref>

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