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'''eNom''', is [[ICANN]] accredited and the world's second-largest domain name registrar, providing domain name registration, hosting and other online services.<ref>[]</ref><ref>[ Highbeam Research Article]</ref> [[Paul Stahura]] founded the company in 1997.<ref>[ Crunchbase - Paul Stahura]</ref>
In May 2006 eNom was acquired by [[Demand Media]], and in 2007 eNom acquired [[BulkRegister]].<ref>[ The Domain Industry News Journal]</ref> It rose to become the second largest registrar following its acquisition of [[BulkRegister]],<ref>[ Domain, Internet Registrar Statistics 2007]</ref> although it continues to be run as a separate service.<ref>[ BulkRegister]</ref> [[Demand Media]] went on to acquire [[]] in January, 2013. The reasons for the acquisition were noted as adding a new outlet to sell as many [[New gTLD Program|new gTLDs]] as possible, and bolster Demand Media's line-up by adding a "retail registrar", given that its current eNom service is a "reseller registrar". frequently positions itself as a fun and safer alternative to [[GoDaddy]], the world's largest [[registrar]].<ref>[ Demand Media Acquires Name Com As Regsitrar,]Published 7 Jan 2013, Retrieved 9 Jan 2013</ref>
eNom has a portfolio of vertical web properties that reach more than 100 million monthly visitors.<ref>[ TRUSTe & eNom Press Release]</ref>

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